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Under the project "Strengthening the resilience against risks and climate trends in indigenous communities dependent on tropical glaciers in Bolivia"


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In early September the “Second International Conference on Climate Change and Receding Glaciers ” was held in the national Sajama Park in Bolivia. The Conference also included participants from other Andean National Parks such as the Lauca Park in Chile and the Vilacota Park in Peru. Participants worked in groups focused on different topics and drafted a Declaration...... Read More

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Adaptation Measures

  • Pilot Projects
  • Final Design Projects
  • Publications

Final Design of the Project: Surface water intake and distribution channels for the irrigation system in Tahuapalca.

Final Design of the Project: Improving the Irrigation System in Cebollullo (Illimani).

Final Design of the Project (Identification Study), in process: micro-irrigation system, La Granja (Illimani).

Process of Final Design of the Project: Environmental and Climate Interpretation Center (Sajama).


Socio - Economic Study on the Bolivian Andean Communities that Depend on Tropical Glaciers in the area of the Sajama Park Area

This research conducted a participatory evaluation on the socio-economic development of communities that depend on the tropical glaciers of the Sajama Park. The aim was to identify the problems faced by this population, so that alternatives, which start from themselves, can be identified to mitigate the effects of climate change in the area.

Legal - Competence Analysis on the Institutional Framework for Water Resources Management under the current rules and its consistency with draft laws submitted until August 2011

This document outlines the current institutional framework for the management and administration of water resources. It also presents the outline of an alternative or complementary proposal on the management or administration of water resources.

Advocacy Strategy. Strengthening Resilience to Climate Risks for Glacier Dependent Communities

This research developed a local policy of climate change adaptation and risk reduction for communities dependent on tropical glaciers. This proposal involves the municipal governments of Palca and Curahuara de Cangas.


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