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Under the project "Strengthening the resilience against risks and climate trends in indigenous communities dependent on tropical glaciers in Bolivia"


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In early September the “Second International Conference on Climate Change and Receding Glaciers ” was held in the national Sajama Park in Bolivia. The Conference also included participants from other Andean National Parks such as the Lauca Park in Chile and the Vilacota Park in Peru. Participants worked in groups focused on different topics and drafted a Declaration...... Read More


Agua Sustentable team

Project Coordinator Lic. Carlos Carafa
Technical Coordinator Lic. Msc. Paula Pacheco
Technical co-coordinatio Ir. Msc. Ana Lía Gonzáles
Construction Technician Ir. Enrique Alurralde
Wetland Specialist Lic. Horacio Lorini
Gender Specialist Ir. Adriana Soto
Comunicator Lic. Naira Rivas
Field technician 1 Ir.     Alan Tellería
Field technician 2 Lic. Matilde Avejera
Field technician 3 Ir. Edwin Torrez
Geagrapher, expert in GIS Ir. Ana Paola Castel Diez
Information System Specialist  Ir. Mauricio Arriaza
Legal Specialist Lic. Msc. Roxana Castellón
Socio-political Specialist Lic. Giovanna Canedo
Specialist in Water Rights Ir. Msc. Elena Katia Villarroel
Driver - Social Relationships Victor Hugo Mamani Quisbert
Administrative Support Lic. Martin Cossio
Administrative Asistent Lic. María de los Angeles Alcón
Administrative Asistent      Grover Apaza

Diakonia Team

 National Representative Jorge Velazquez
 Project Official Ariel Chávez
 Administrator Juan Carlos Torrez


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