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About us

The support Center for sustainable water and environment management known as “Agua Sustentable” is a non-profit NGO whose purpose is to contribute to water sustainability and environment management at national and international levels. Its work focuses in the building of knowledge, policies, institutions and regulations oriented to generate group wellbeing and environmental & socio-economic development of local populations. These action lines are achieved through social and community capacity development and strengthening, by promoting citizen participation and responsibility in the care of water basins & sources and others that derive from their use. The institution considers that water is a human right and their use is a priority for life; that is human consumption and productive activities related to food security and environment.

Agua Sustentable started its work in 2005 with the support of IDRC. Later on, other funders decided to support this initiative: INTERCOOPERATION – COSUDE, DIAKONIA, INTERMON – OXFAM, AFCI, ACSUR Las Segovias, DANIDA, IAL, DIAKONIA and ICCO.

The institution focuses on research, advocacy, training, and technical management at local, regional, national and international levels. Advocacy is key in the institution, achieved through the establishment of strategic alliances with social organizations, institutions and generation of spaces for public-social debate (main scenarios to reach agreements, planning, and decisions among social and public players).

In the international sphere, water research and free trade agreements were developed; also regulations, projects on drinking water services and poverty; water rights, and citizen management agreements. In the same manner, based on a specific study about borderline waters (such as those located in the Silala – border with Chile and Mauri – border with Peru) spaces for social public debate are promoted to build state policies and promote an appropriate management of borderline basins.

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